The technology in Globus

The heart of Globus is a powerful, 12-litre Volvo engine of 250 kw (335 hp) and 1700 nm. The bus is also equipped with air suspension to ensure a comfortable ride on various roads and convenient entry for the passengers. The bus is 13.5 m long and 2.55 m wide. The kerb mass of the bus is 13,050 kg and the laden mass 18,400 kg.

The audio-video in Globus:

Globus uses a high-quality, powerful sound system, which was hand-picked based on the specifics of the bus.

The equipment used:

Hertz HP 802 1800W audio amplifier
Alpine MRX-M240 4400W audio amplifier
4 B&C Speakers 18RBX100 18” sub-woofers, combined power 8000W
2 B&C Speakers 12CXN76 12” loudspeakers, combined power 1400W
2 B&C Speakers 8FCX51 8” loudspeakers, combined power 1000W
8 Morel Tempo Coax 6 6.5” coaxial loudspeakers, combined power 880W
Alpine equalizer
11 23.6” Samsung Full HD monitors
1 32” Samsung Full HD monitor
1 56” Samsung Full HD monitor
Laser effects
"Sweeper" light effects
Starry Sky (800 starts)
80 m of different LED strips
Smoke machine
Coffe maker

The electricity and water supply systems in Globuss:

6 Landport gel batteries with a combined capacity of 1200 Amp and a Waeco battery controller
Bosch generators with a combined charging power of 400 Amp
12V Waeco 80 Amp charger, plus 30 Amp charging in the inverter
24V Cetek 14 Amp charger
Mean Well 6KW inverter
Votronic water tank controllers
300 l waste water tank and 200 l clean water tank
12 USB power outlets in the customer area
6 220V power outlets in the customer area